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Written By Jan Mergel

Over the last thirty five years of my agency business, none of my clients created a more lasting and rewarding experience than Serramonte Ford and its distinctively lovable owner, Mr. Frank Verducci. 

It was my honor and privilege to work with Frank for over fifteen incredible, fun-loving years.  He enthusiastically embraced a wide range of caricatures that the public loved.  Whether playing the role of a gambler like 'Maverick,' 'Magic Genie in a bottle,' 'Indiana Jones in the Temple of Savings' or his own version of the 'Energizer Bunny,' Frank was always up to the challenge.  He embraced with enthusiasm our creative direction and unique promotional events.

His self-effacing style and mastery of comedy created top-of-mind television commercials that the public responed to with love and patronage.  As a result, Serramonte Ford became the number one Ford dealership in sales for all of Northern California.

Frank V Cartoon Figure.jpeg
Frank the Gambler.jpeg

Frank Verducci standing next to his iconic cartoon figure.

Frank Verducci as the Gambler

Frank as the Genie.jpeg

Frank Verducci as the Magic Genie

Frank as Indiana Jones with Jan Mergel.j
Frank as Energizer Bunny.jpeg

Frank Verducci as Indiana Jones sitting next to his Advertising Agency Director Jan Mergel

Frank Verducci as

the Energizer Bunny

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