This has included the full spectrum of American, Japanese, British, Italian, and German automotive brands. Everything from the inexpensive Dodge Dart to the $500,000 German made Maybach.




We assisted a small local medical group to create a statewide organization known as 'The California Injury Advisory Board.'  




JMA was directly involved in bringing together over twenty Los Angeles based law firms and over 100 lawyers in the creation of one of the nation's largest legal advertising cooperatives.


We created and produced highly impactful radio and television commercials, did media planning and buying in excess of $250,000 per month for the 'California Legal Advertising Cooperative'. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: JMA responds to the State of California's new 'Implied Intent Legal Advertising Rules', establishing a consulting process that insulated the cooperative from challenges and litigation.  





Advertising is the "Art of Persuasion".  JMA employs both:


Cogntive: logic & reason (and)


Emotional: messages and imagery that instill positive feeling & trust. The emotional element creates a much stronger audience engagement and advertising messages which become more memorable or impactful.


Consumers purchase a particular brand because of 'TRUST'.


Your advertising agency should not only understand but employ this philosophy to maximize each client (ROI) 'Return on Investment'.





JMA believes in an open-ended communication style between client and agency.  This enhances the ability of the agency to respond rather than react to changes within the marketplace.


When the client and agency are closely linked the relationship feels more like a partnership rather than a contracted service provider.


When both short term and long term goals and objectives are clearly defined within a published media plan the advertising, marketing, promotional and public relation strategies recommended by the agency become far more effective.