Slide Presentation-

To the right is a slide presentation that will illustrate a few examples of print media JMA has created over the years.




Feel the difference-

There are many benefits to including print media into your advertising mix.  Perhaps the most important is tangibility.  Print provides  a sence of substance. It stimulates the reader's mind.   Virtually all forms of print media offer practical advantages such as accessibility and portability. 

Print offers marketing channels unlike any other advertising medium.  From the feel of the paper, texture, embossing, to the ability of the reader to cut out and redeem bar code tracking coupons makes print media a valuable advertising resource.  Print demands the full attention of the reader.

5.   Newsletters

6.   Yellow Pages

7.    Directories

8.   Outdoor-billboards


Types of print media-

Each of the twelve types of print media has their own unique quality and role in their readers’ lives. 


      1.   Newspapers                                             

      2.   Direct mail                                                

      3.   Magazine                                                  

      4.   Journals                                                    




Making the connection -

The key to successful print advertising is engagement, drawing your customer in through attention-grabbing content then rewarding them with a worthwhile offer or service.


Tailoring print - 
Modern digital presses offer tailored printed copy specific to a reader.  The ability to print entire publications based on the profile and needs of the individual consumers is available.  This personalization adds to the effectiveness of the print medium.  


Media-mix integration-

Print media works best when used with other media forms.  Print can offer quick and simple ways to access digital content using ‘bridging technologies’.  These new tools increase the effectiveness of print media, as well as enhancing the consumer experience.  Jan Mergel & Associates is here to help you bridge the information gap.


 An advertising agency should understand and be aligned with the client's business objectives.  Be proactive by delivering new ideas, strategies and solutions that goes beyond advertising & marketing. " 

Jan Mergel - President   

Jan Mergel & Associates   

  9.   Transit- Bus wraps, bus benches, signs

10.   Banners & posters

11,   Brochures & flyers

12.   On-line ads & websites

HSA 2017 Flyer Design Final.png
HSA 2017 Flyer Design Final.png

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Front Cover SUMMER 2013 final FINAL FINAL FINAL.jpg
Front Cover SUMMER 2013 final FINAL FINAL FINAL.jpg

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MCL 2011 Cover.jpg
MCL 2011 Cover.jpg

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HSA 2017 Flyer Design Final.png
HSA 2017 Flyer Design Final.png

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